Underfloor heating mat

Underfloor heating mats

Great simple way to heat large or small kitchens and bathrooms .Termofol mat is quick to install and features a fixes cable space that provides a sumptuous heat across your floors surface. Designed for the general heating of your floor or alternative heating the comfort of warm floor .Our mats features a power output of 150Watts per square meter and provide a very convenient way to heat your space.

Heating cable installation

Heating mat installation diagram

Our underfloor heating mats are very easy to install and can be cut to size to suit any room , are available in a range of size to suit small and large space and are perfect for installing under ceramic tiles or natural stone in your bathroom or kitchen. It is a uniquely styled type of underfloor heating that will leave your space warm very quick. It is a new generation heating mat and excellent results from the use of materials ( Teflon and Polyamide ) as well as modern technology production.

Featuring adhesive backing ,that allows you to accurately site the flooring before you make any cuts. This mat can be easily repositioned to ensure it is exactly where you want it every time. Fitting a heating mat beneath a floor is a simple task of rolling the mat out across a floor and then cutting fiberglass mesh to fit the outline of a room. Our self sticky fiberglass mesh hold the mat firmly in place, there is no risk of movement when installing this underfloor heating, meaning there will be on messy ends sticking up when you start lay your flooring. The heating mat is installed directly under the ceramic tiles in the layer of tile elastic adhesive.

Technical Info TERMOFOL heating mats

  • Power output 150Watts / m²
  • Power supply 230V +/- 15% Vac 50 / 60Hz
  • Width 50 cm
  • Dimensions 1 square meter ( 50cm x 2 meters )
  • Power supply mats One-sided
  • Degree of protection IPX7
  • Heating wire thickness 3.6 mm
  • Supporting Self adhesive Fiber glass mesh
  • Materials Teflon and Polyamide
  • Warranty 25 years

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