Insulation Tile Backer Board Pack of 2

Termofol xps board is Only 6mm thick with High thermal insulation value Low weight and exceptional durability, can be tiled with all types of ceramic, glass or stone tile or large format tiles.

You can Install heating mat directly on this board . Light weight and easy to cut – ideal prerequisites for underfloor heating especially in wet room areas.

Board size 600mm x 1200mm x 6mm  . One board Coverage 0.72 sqm  Price per pack , In one pack is 2 boards Coverage 1.44 sqm FREE DELIVERY

33.99 (inc. VAT)


Termofol Board – Tile Backer Boards are made of XPS-foam with glass fibre reinforced cement coating. So the boards are resistant against water, moisture and humidity and they are non-capillary, light weight and easy to cut – ideal prerequisites for underfloor heating especially in wet room areas. Tile Backer Boards is suitable for the application of tiles, mosaic, natural stone, plasters or putties. The boards allow a quick, easy, and creative construction without or reduced drying time.

The special XPS-benefit is that its thermal insulation properties are not affected whatsoever by wet or damp conditions

SPECIFICATION: Thickness: 6mm

Area [m2]: 0.72

Thermal conductivity: λ = 0.033 W / (mK)

XPS foam density: 32 ± 0.02 kg / m³

Fire resistance class: E (hardly flammable)

Compressive strength: min. 300kPa at 10% deformation

Water absorption after 48h: <0.2%

Bending strength: 0.30 ± 0.02Mpa

Water vapor permeability: 0.028ng / Pa.m.s

Water vapor diffusion resistance: 110-225 µ

Impact noise reduction: dLw = 21

Can be used at temperatures from -50 ° C to even + 70 ° C,

High pressure and crush resistance

Resistant to fungi and mold, non-rot

Fire resistance

Ease of processing.

Effective ground insulation thanks to the XPS TERMOFOL board. Substrate waterproofing and excellent thermal insulation while maintaining 6 mm thickness.

The product owes its excellent thermal properties to its unique structure:

The center of the plate is made of expanded, extruded polystyrene.

The closed cell structure guarantees effective thermal insulation.

The outer part of the board is covered with a special polymer mass with the addition of resin in which a glass fiber mesh is embedded.

This technology guarantees the low weight of the board and, at the same time, exceptional resistance to damage.





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