Wi-Fi Thermostat TF-H6 Gray IP31

Thermostat Tf H6 Wifi Grey with Ip 31 Protective cover

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TERMOFOL TF H6 Wi fi with Ip31 cover

The high standard, fully programmed temperature controller situated under the plaster is equipped in the digital screen and a touch control panel. The blue backlight is exceptionally legible, even for people with visual defects. The available programs: 5 2 or 6 1. Also available are the working modes: measuring the temperature of the room, measuring the floor temperature, measuring the room temperature without the floor temperature. Note: the device has the possibility of calibrating the temperature.

The precise heating control

The temperature controller has the temperature sensors: the interior one serves for stabilizing the temperature in the heated room, the floor one lets limiting the air and floor temperature ensuring the full safety.

The modes of the temperature controller:

  • ROOM – the interior sensor controls the temperature in the room and the floor sensor is off. The mode is used in case the thermostat is to control a heating system different from the floor heating.
  • FLOOR – the floor sensor controls the floor temperature and the interior sensor is off. The mode is used when the thermostat is to control the underfloor heating installed in order to gain the comfort of the warm floor, e.g. in the bathroom.
  • ALL – the interior sensor controls the temperature in the room while the underfloor sensor limits the floor temperature, protecting it from overheating. The mode is used when the thermostat is to control the underfloor heating which is the heating system of the room.


  • Controlling using the touch buttons
  • Programming the temperature 5 -2 or 6- 1 or 7 days
  • Way of assembly: under the plaster – in the installation box or external box
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Slim shape 12mm
  • Signalization – the attached heating
  • Possibility of the manual temperature controlling
  • Exterior sensor – the underfloor senor in the set!

Technical specification:

  • Current consumption: <1.5 VA
  • Temperature range: 1 – 70oC
  • Limitation of a maximal temperature of a heater – floor: 20oC – 70oC
  • 2 sensors: built-in sensor of the air temperature sensor of the floor temperature, sensor NTC
  • Maximal output load: 16A
  • Protective cover: IP31
  • Dimensions: 86×86 mm
  • Power: 230 AC

The set includes:

  • Temperature controller with a built-in temperature sensor
  • Exterior temperature controller – underfloor controller with a cable
  • Box
  • Fixing screws
  • User’s Manual
  • Warranty Card

NOTE: the offered device has a possibility of the temperature calibration




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